History of Forte São José and the Carta Regia

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The Carta Regia Translated into English

Dom Carlos, By Grace of God, King of Portugal and The Algraves, etc. I hereby inform those whom this Letter of Pure and irrevocable sale come, who, preceding the diligences, announcement and solemnity of law and style in public auction in the distribution of farm of the district of Funchal in the day October 3, 1903 Cândido Henrique de Freitas, for the amount of 200 $100

Compliance with the laws of July 13, 1863 and December 22, 1870, next building that belonged to the National Farm of the squares of pursuant to articles 4 and 284 of the law of September 13, 1897 and 124 and its paragraph 2 of the decree of September 7, 1894 and under number 1was put on sale in the list 1446B namely: Municipality of Funchal Part of the Fort of Pontinha with the surface of 172,80m2 in the parish of Sao Pedro; confronts the north and east with the Pontinha, south and west with the cliff by the sea.

I will send you, by irrevocable and pure sale, the entire possession and domain that the National Treasury had in that building so that the his successors and successors enjoy the possess and enjoy as own. For which I give all the ministers justice and more people to whom the knowledge of this Letter should belong to being per mm signed and also endorsed by the Minister and Secretary of State for the affairs of the Treasury in accordance with the decree of November 25, 1853 and be sealed and recorded n the respective books to comply with the keep and fully enforce and keep without reservation or embargo some; and that the administrator of the Municipality of Funchal being submitted after the statement of expenditure has been entered in the of the District Office, the seats relative to said building give possession to that the car will be drawn up at all times sale of which has not paid registration fee for being so determined for all of nature’s similarity.

Paco 26 of October of 1903 The actual signature on this square.

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